This website should work with either Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator, provided that you have a frame and java-enabled browser, ie., one that is not more than 3-4 years old. I have found it works a bit better using Internet Explorer. For best viewing of the individual images, I suggest you set your screen resolution to 800 by 600 pixels with the highest color setting you have. Setting your screen to a higher resolution will result in the individual pictures showing smaller. Setting to a lower resolution like 640 by 480 pixels will result in large pictures, but they will be somewhat course. To set your screen resolution in Windows, first right-click on any blank space on your desktop. Click on Properties in the drop-down menu, and when Display Properties come up, click on Settings. A slider should allow you to set your screen resolution, and finally click OK. You may be prompted as to whether you want to keep the new setting. You can use the same approach to reset the resolution after you have viewed the pictures.

Click once on any thumbnail image to see it enlarged in a separate window. If you click twice the image could end up hidden behind the gallery screen. You can find it on your Windows view-bar on the bottom of your screen and click on it to bring it forward. It is important that you close the separate window or windows of any enlarged-image(s) you were previously viewing before you click on another thumbnail. Otherwise, the new image could be viewed in a wrong-sized window and show itself truncated.

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